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K2 + Mobile

K2 mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone give your team access to workflow tasks from their phone or tablet. There they can take action, delegate, check in on process status or find the information they need to make great decisions – anytime, anywhere.

Global task list

K2 mobile apps give you access to all your K2 tasks, across all processes, from a single interface. You’ll know precisely what work needs to be done and where it came from. The ability to sync your task list and take it offline allows you to get your work done, even if you don’t want to pay for wifi on the plane.

Work smarter, not harder

K2 mobile apps allow you to manage your tasks based on a schedule that works for you, so you work more efficiently. Postpone a task until sometime in the future, whether it’s tomorrow during your morning coffee, or next week after your big status meeting.

Include the right people

Use K2 mobile apps to make decisions quickly, even when business needs change on the fly. Common task management capabilities, like redirect and delegate, ensure that the right person does the right work, at the right time.

Improved visibility

Access form data and task status directly from your mobile device so you have visibility into everything you need to make better decisions.

Responsive design

Responsive form templates allow you to build forms that will automatically adapt to the available screen size, allowing you to easily support forms on multiple mobile devices. Build the form once and use it anywhere, on any device.

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