InfoPath Replacement

Since Microsoft announced that InfoPath 2013 would be the final version, customers worldwide have been looking for suitable InfoPath replacement products and assessing the cost, complexity and benefits of moving to new platforms.

Whether you are using InfoPath for simple data gathering activities, or for more advanced functionality requiring integration with back-end systems and business processes, K2 Smartforms provides a very efficient and comprehensive alternative platform to meet your future needs. But there is no out-of-the-box conversion faciltity available from K2. (Refer

But migration and redevelopment of InfoPath forms can be costly and time consuming so DynAPPix has established a lifecycle approach that maximises conversion productivity. After all, you don’t want to spend time and money converting out of date forms that no longer reflect the current business needs and processes.

DynAPPix Conversion Lifecycle

    Use the DynAPPix Forms Assessment Tool to review, validate and prioritise the InfoPath forms to move to the new platform. If the review process identifies a need for redevelopment of the form, then the K2 Smartforms designer is the tool of choice for your developers.
    Use DynAPPix’s InfoPath Conversion-as-a-service automated conversion process to rapidly migrate your existing InfoPath forms to Smartforms at minimum cost, with no risk. The resultant forms retain equivalent functionality while delivering extensive business benefits.
  3. RUN
    The new K2 SmartForms can run on-premise or in the cloud and be accessed from tablet and mobile platforms everywhere.  DynAPPix supplies K2 licenses to allow you to run your new forms and workflows.
    Our InfoPath Conversion process automatically generates new assets – SQL data storage, reusable K2 SmartObjects and views – that can be leveraged immediately to extend functionality of the source InfoPath forms.
    For example, forms can be connected to SharePoint and other business applications and integrated with automated workflows (i.e. obtain approvals or complete business process execution following form submission).

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Business Benefits

14 Overcome  Limitations

  • Difficult to link to ERP and CRM Systems
  • No cloud version of InfoPath
  • Coding is required for integration and workflow
  • Data stored in the form so not readily available for reporting and analysis

14SQL Data Model

  • Form data not stored in the form structure
  • Report and analyse form data
  • Gain insight into your processes

14 Reusability

  • Converter generates reusable Smartobjects that represent business data
  • Reuse these Smartobjects to accelerate development of new forms and workflows
  • Smartobjects give integration to external systems (eg CRM, SAP)

14Deploy      Everywhere

  • Run in the cloud
  • Access forms from every device, from everywhere
  • Use forms offline and sync later