DynAPPix Productivity Pack for K2

New Functionality

Add additional controls to improve the user interfaces you can build with K2


Speed up your K2 development with purpose built controls that negate you having to build them yourself.

Designed with You in Mind

The Productivity Pack has been designed with you the developer in mind.  We’re trying to make your life easier by providing the things you need that you always wished were available in K2.

YesNo Control

The DynAPPix YesNo control is an input control used to indicate Boolean values, offering two unique features:

  1. It is used to present a Yes/No, True/False or custom binary selection to the user without presenting a default value for scenarios where a selection is required from the user but a default value is undesirable.
  2. It requires significantly less steps to implement than standard radio buttons and is more intuitive for the user to use than a checkbox control.

Progress Bar

The DynAPPix Progress control is a display control used to indicate the progress made in completing a series of forms for submission. The control displays one of five states (TODO, CURRENT, DONE, WARNING, ERROR) for each step of form completion by changing the colour of the node.

By clicking on the node, a value representing the number of the step is returned which can be used to facilitate a flexible workflow style form navigation without requiring complex code.

The Progress control is able to be integrated with a form status smartobject to allow persistent form states to be displayed

JQuery Control

The DynAPPix jQuery control is a custom control which provides an easy to use method of using jQuery to manipulate data and the user interface. This control overcomes the two main issues with traditional methods of using jQuery in K2 smartforms:

  • Execution only on page load – the DynAPPix jQuery control provides the capability of three possible types of execution; OnLoaded, OnCalled and OnEvent.
  • Specification of object names to be used at design time – the DynAPPix jQuery control provides the option to resolve the object names at runtime.

Dynamic JSON Broker

Building JSON strings for exchanging data with systems and services is now a common task and can be challenging within the context of a K2 smartform or blackpearl process, leading to the development of some complex expressions.

The DynAPPix DynamicJSON Broker is K2 Service Broker designed to not only make building well-formed JSON easy, but also processing returned JSON results from a web service call. It can be used in a smartform event or during a blackpearl process and is especially useful in building complex input parameters for advanced filtering used by the DynAPPix SmartObject Exporter.

The DynAPPix Productivity Pack for K2 is available for K2 blackpearl 4.7 and K2 Five (on-premise).

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