Our Solutions Approach

Businesses depend on business processes. Although those processes are often supported by software, the most important processes (up to 85%) in many organisations depend on people. Workflows can automate interactions among the people who participate in a process to improve how that process functions, increase its efficiency, and reduce errors.

Typically, these processes rely on forms-based user /customer interfaces to exchange information. Intelligent eForms can be developed that validate data as its entered, automatically populate forms with known data from backend systems and significantly improve and streamline the user/customer experience.

Every day examples include an employee applying for Annual Leave, or raising a Capital Expenditure Request where the originator might need to initiate the request from a tablet or smart phone then rely on a formal approval process being executed. Customer interactions range from simple inquiries and requests to complex B2B engagements to process orders, validate business licenses and so on.

Helping businesses realise those process improvements while streamlining the customer experience is DynAPPix core focus.

We provide relevant specialist services and enabling technology packaged in flexible ways to meet our customers’ particular needs, priorities and budgets.  These are:

Complete Solutions

  • Turnkey solutions incorporating software and services to meet defined business outcomes
  • Fixed price contracts, or
  • Milestone based deliverables


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  • DynAPPix undertakes Professional Services Engagements based on agreed Statements of Work
  • Forms and Business Process Review, Solution Architecture & Design, Development and Testing
  • eForms and Workflow, SQL development, Reporting, Analytics, Bespoke development
  • Fully certified technical staff and formal business partnerships with Microsoft, K2 and Adlib ensure high quality services adhering to best practices
  • InfoPath Conversion-as-a-Service
  • T&M, Capped T&M and Fixed price contracts

Enabling Products

  • DynAPPix RecordMate for Adobe Sign – Content Manager 9/10 integrqtion with electronic signature platform from Adobe.
  • DynAPPix InfoPath to K2 smartforms converter
  • DynAPPix RecordMate for K2 – Content Manager 9/10 integration with K2
  • DynAPPix Cloudforms for K2
  • DynAPPix DevOps tools for K2 deployment management
  • Forms-in-a-Box to help Identify, Assess, Prioritise forms for automation and improvement

Rapid InfoPath forms transformation to K2

DynAPPix has developed a unique conversion tool that automatically transforms InfoPath forms into fully functioning K2 Smartforms. This is the quickest, cheapest and most reliable approach to migrate InfoPath forms to K2. Measured ROI from recent engagements is 320% compared to developing the smartforms from scratch.

The conversion process decomposes the InfoPath form into its components then generates the necessary K2 forms, views, smartobjects and associated SQL tables, adhering to K2 best practices. The resulting smartforms support browser and mobile deployment.

DynAPPix provides “InfoPath Conversion as-a-Service”, a fixed price service with a 30 day functional warranty. The service is performed remotely. Quotations are provided on request.


HPe Content Manager 9, HPRM 8 and Trim integration with K2

DynAPPix RecordMate for K2 is a separately licensed service broker for K2 Blackpearl and K2 Five. It is purpose built to enable rapid uploading of Documents and Files from K2 Forms and Workflows into HPe Content Manager. RecordMate for K2 also provides searching of the HPe Content Manager repository by Record No, Title and Location from K2 and the ability to attach the file or its reference to a workflow.

This addresses a common need in government and large industry to store documents and records resulting from K2 Workflow applications in the central HPe Content Manager repository.



Solutions for Business Executives, not just IT

DynAPPix solutions are designed to be used and maintained by business users, leveraging patented K2 “No Code” technology. Business users report high levels of productivity and savings – being able to readily connect workflow applications to data in corporate systems to extend functionality, enhance reporting, integrate data in workflows to support business processes at all levels.