What is Forms-In-A-Box?

Forms-in-a-Box is a fixed fee service that identifies the hidden value that transforming outdated paper forms can bring to an organisation. Intelligent digital forms, integrated with business systems lead to improved customer experience, reduction in processing costs and increased productivity.

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Forms-In-A-Box requires no on-site infrastructure or software installation and is delivered in four phases:

1 – Identification & Assessment

Firstly we will identify, assess and prioritise up to ten static, disconnected forms that could be transformed into intelligent digital forms. A single form will be recommended for development.

2 – Analysis, Specification & Design

Next we will undertake the analysis, specification and design of the form recommended in the previous phase together with the associated submission handling workflow and LOB integration components.

3 – Transformation

In the transformation phase the form design, LOB integration and automated submission handling will be developed using K2 technology in a secure Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

4 – Presentation

In the final phase the prototype will be presented for executive review demonstrating the features and illustrating the value proposition to the organisation using performance metrics gathered during the assessment phase.