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DocuSign to Adobe Sign Migration

DynAPPix’ Custom Migration Tool Accelerates MacKellar Group’s Adobe Acrobat Sign Transformation

In the dynamic realm of heavy-duty equipment and infrastructure projects, MacKellar Group, based in Australia, faced a critical challenge in optimizing HR documentation processes amidst a surge in mining investments. This article delves into the transformative journey of MacKellar Group, emphasizing the indispensable role played by DynAPPix and their innovative in-house custom migration tool in facilitating the seamless migration from DocuSign to Adobe Acrobat Sign.


The Migration Challenge: As MacKellar Group aimed to enhance efficiency in HR documentation, Leighton Taylor, ICT Manager, spearheaded the effort to scale the IT infrastructure. The decision to standardize on Adobe Document Cloud and Adobe Acrobat Sign was made, requiring the migration of crucial document templates from the existing DocuSign platform.

The DynAPPix Advantage: To tackle this migration challenge, MacKellar engaged DynAPPix, an IT and business process automation consultancy and Adobe partner. What set DynAPPix apart was their utilization of a custom-built, in-house migration tool designed specifically for migrating templates from DocuSign to Adobe Acrobat Sign.


Custom Migration Tool in Action: DynAPPix’s team of consultants leveraged their proprietary migration tool to expedite the migration process. The migration tool streamlined the conversion of over 100 template variations, ensuring a smooth transition within the stipulated 10 working days. Michael Chesswas, CEO at DynAPPix, highlighted the expertise and tools that made the migration seamless, alleviating concerns associated with critical business documents.

Key Features of the Custom Migration Tool:

  • Template Consolidation: The custom migration tool efficiently consolidated diverse template variations, simplifying the transition for MacKellar Group.
  • Reliable Execution: Through meticulous planning and execution, DynAPPix ensured that the migration occurred seamlessly, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


Benefits Realized: The integration with DynAPPix’s custom migration tool empowered MacKellar Group to navigate the migration process with confidence. The accelerated transition allowed for a swift adoption of Adobe Acrobat Sign, paving the way for enhanced e-signature efficiencies in HR documentation.


DynAPPix’s innovative use of a custom in-house migration tool played a pivotal role in MacKellar Group’s successful migration from DocuSign to Adobe Acrobat Sign. This strategic collaboration underscores the importance of tailored solutions and advanced technologies in overcoming migration challenges and optimizing business processes. As organizations embrace digital transformation, the synergy between consultancy expertise and bespoke migration tools becomes a cornerstone for seamless transitions and sustained operational excellence.

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